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All your technology needs in one place

computer assembly

Computer Repairs

Are you getting difficulty working smoothly?.

  • PC running slow

  • PC got a virus

  • Windows not starting

  • Printer broken diagnostics and repairs

  • Keyboard and mouse not working repairs

  • Scanner and barcode reader issues

  • Screen and monitor problem

IT Support

We can get you up and running in a short time. 

  • Installation of new devices like printer, mouse, keyboard, scanner

  • Troubleshooting devices like printer, scanner, monitor, projector

  • Tackling any software issue

  • Office, On-site and Remote Support available

  • IT Equipment maintenance and servicing

  • High Voltage protection against electricity fluctuations or lightning

  • Server Installation and deployment

desktop computer
Hands Typing
Remote IT-Support

Do you need an IT Professional urgently?
Are you operating at night and encountered a failure of IT Equipment?

Do you wish to save in displacement costs?
Do you wish to save in reparation or assistance costs?

We got you covered, and we shall operate as per your requirements. We can assist you in all your software or IT issues remotely. Call us without any hesitation, and we shall come to you at your chosen date and time. Please note that all services intervened on Saturday, Sunday, after office hours and emergencies will be charged extra.

Data Protection

Is your computer system at risk?

Is your computer system protected against hard disk failure or crash?

Do you have protection against virus attacks, mail spamming, phishing, cyber attack, power voltage fluctuations and other potential calamities like fire, theft or technical hardware failures?


  • We shall implement a secure environment to protect your system

  • We shall deploy and implement a backup strategy

  • We shall provide a recovery solution in case of any failures


Get your business protected before it is too late.

hard disk
core switch

Firewall and Security

Is your company data secure from cybercrime?

Have you covered your clients against Privacy Act or Intellectual Property Act?
Is your company data secure from intruders or hackers?
Are you working in a less secure environment and sharing sensitive information through the internet without knowing if you are protected?

Are you protected on the internet?

Are you protected from virus attacks?

We can get you protected and covered with all these troubles in no time. 

Get in touch with us today!


Do you wish to connect all your computers to a central printer?
Do you wish to connect all your computers to a single modem to give internet access to all?
Do you wish to create a file repository server to share between your staffs' computers?
Do you wish to ensure all your company essential data and files are kept safe from disaster or unforeseen circumstances?
Do you wish to install a Wi-Fi device on your existing network infrastructure?

Capricorn Computer Services will not only cater for the above mentioned but even more as per your requirements.

data cabinet
capricorn computer training

IT Training

Do you need to train your staff with all Microsoft essential products, namely Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and basic computer knowledge for easy operations?
Does your company staff need refresher courses on all Microsoft Office products?
Do you feel not confident about using Microsoft Word and Excel?


We have already trained some establishments on Praslin and La Digue successfully. 

We can train your employees within one week as a crash complete course.

Request more information and a quotation without hesitation.

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Things Happen.

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