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Our Journey

About Us

Our Passion

Redefining the productive way


Our mission is to bring cutting edge technologies with professional assistance to the ever-increasing demand of the market. Whether for a home user, small business owner or a big corporate company, we have the necessary technical skills and solutions.  
Our Journey So Far

2016 - 2018


The company opened its door with two partners. We started to provide computer-related services to home customers. At the same time, we started supporting small businesses as mostly they don't have an IT Person in-house. People started talking about our professionalism, and with word of mouth, we quickly became popular.  Eventually, we are proud to announce that we have diversified in our services. We have successfully supported many other small businesses by promoting their brand and developing them with solid information technology and marketing tools.

2018 - 2019


We have deployed and launched Online Point-Of-Sales successfully. Three shop premises, namely Ideal Supplies (stationery shop), A&B Supplies (Hardware Shop) and Bazaar Grand Anse (Vegetables and Meat Shop), are our happy customers. 

We partnered with Wavetec and supported their live ticketing system (queue management system), deployed at Emirates Travel Agency in Seychelles.

We partnered with Sophos firewall and security. We are the authorised seller of Sophos products in Seychelles.

Recently, we have joined a software developing company from overseas. We have started developing software to override manual systems for small growing businesses and make them more productive. Our new development is a money exchange management software.

2019 - 2023

The Global Pandemic

As with all businesses, we at Capricorn also suffered during the global Pandemic, the Coronavirus outbreak, which continued for almost two and a half years.  This pandemic has changed the life of each of us, and IT Tools are being used to work from home.

Eventually, the situation started to get better after some time, and we were on track again.  We continued supporting small businesses with IT services and maintenance for their smooth operation.

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